( klassy )

March 3, 2010

would it be "classy"
or "klassy"
to have a bar like this?
i sort of want one, but must confess that my drinking habits aren't nearly so debonair.
{ should i use the feminine? debonnairre? we're talking about gin and whiskey here. }

of course, if i did have a bar like such, 
i would desperately need something stylish to put it on.
this would do nicely:
or one of its credenza or dresser counterparts. i'm not picky.
my treasure seeking luck has yet to extend to a brasilia find.
someday. one day.

{ bar image from the ever talented sandra juto . brasilia gloating by the (dog) house }

3 notes:

  1. Oh that does look very nice. Very classy, i think. The closest thing I have to a bar in my apartment is the bowling ball that opens to reveal a glass booze bottle and six shot glasses. Now that's klassy.
    Great blog, by the way.

  2. the salvation near me has an almost identical piece...which has been sitting for almost a month. no where to put it. want me to ship it out? ;)

  3. you're just causing trouble aren't you?! actually, i really want the credenza or long dresser... no top half. i think this buffet is incredibly gorgeous, but i'm completely out of room for such a big piece. but all the sculptural detail? i'm drooling.