( otis takes a turn )

March 29, 2010

my little smush-face popped his head up to see what i was doing with the clicky thing.
i couldn't resist taking his picture as he listened intently to the shutter.
after assessing that it was neither a treat or a toy
he waddled off to find his ball.
he's easy like that.

3 notes:

  1. Otis....Otis....Otis....(I always think of the bullfrog from Milo and Otis. At least I think it was a bullfrog...)

    The top pic is so sweet. He looks like he's asking for a cuddle.

  2. i'll have you know,
    my husband wants a brindle frenchie...
    this did not help.

    i love bump & otis so very much...
    your pix always make me want to play with them.

  3. how can you ever leave the house knowing you leave that behind???? i could just gobble him up!!!