( pipapiep )

March 15, 2010

shield your eyes kids, this trip is going to get colorful...

sometimes, i'm a bad etsian.
i actually try not to search around too much, because when i do
i almost always find something so desirable
as to become necessary.
{or so i convince myself.}

i like stumbling over pipapiep's work though.
the bright colors. the imagination. the freaking detail.
{i drool a little}

more colorful than anything in my house
i know it wouldn't be a perfect fit.
therefore, i can appreciate them safely.

i'm just so charmed by these pieces.
**amendment to not being a perfect fit:
if i stare at "picking oranges" any longer, i'm going to find a place for it to fit.
writing the rest of this with my eyes closed now.**

see more of pipapiep's shop here.

1 notes:

  1. I'm safe...shipping cost alone makes it prohibitive....so sweet and colorful, though. How cheerful. Like storybook characters.