( shoe leather )

March 22, 2010

just saving your virtual shoe leather from a trip to the shop.
sharing some lovely vintage finds.
and possibly hoping a small exclamation over the photos
(which i'm really quite chuffed with)
might squeak out. i'm enamored with the camera, 
despite my slow learning process.

{ for the curious, it's a canon 30D }

4 notes:

  1. gorgeous shots my dear, and you will only get better...you may have just pushed me over the edge (to buy a new camera) i have outgrown my canon digi rebel

  2. and OMG i missed that salt cellar! boo

  3. These look beautiful! Makes me crave my nice camera and want to start my vintage shop back up.

  4. I got the cellar @ethanollie and you can see where it ended up (or will end up) here:

    Thanks for helping me source another great piece!