( clean and clutter )

April 29, 2010

clearly, i like toys.
i like this one a lot.
i visit it very often, but haven't purchased it just yet.
{ it's by xmoonbloom who has some very charming ideas about dressing up cats. }
i wasn't sure where i should put it.

and then patrick pointed out that our house was borderline cluttery.
{ and i'm very proud to say that i did not point out that the mountain of paper, receipts, bike parts, screws and assorted detritus he calls his desk looks a lot more like clutter than my carefully arranged vignettes. i did not say that. nope. }

after i managed to get my lower jaw off the ground,
i tried looking at everything with a fresh eye.
no, it's not helping that my dear sister-in-law is working on living minimally.
{ you can read some of her thoughts on it here }

i do strongly believe in a place for everything
but what else could i put away?! 
art work? nope. plants? they don't do too well in a drawer.
books? most are upstairs on shelves.
a few are on the bottom shelf of the coffee table. hardly a clutter crime. 

but perhaps it's that extra piece of furniture i snuck in.
that's really too big for the house. but i love it so. 
 it's very difficult to assess these things accurately
when you're living in the house. nothing works like a clean slate. 

somehow, i don't think patrick will leap at the chance
to move all the furniture outside and reevaluate where everything should go.
wanna come over and move some furniture?

1 notes:

  1. I totally love that I'm your dear sister-in-law...that made my day.

    I sympathize--letting go of things is hard to do. All we keep doing in order to pare down is ask ourselves "What do we really love?" And that gets to stay.

    I, apparently, really love a lot of things.