( glorious food )

April 1, 2010

i am experiencing severe pantry envy. 
look at all that food!
look at all that organized food!

{ okay, not very much of it looks like you can just stick in in a microwave, or say maybe straight into your mouth. but i suppose i could brush up on my cooking skills for a pantry like this. }

i'm going to suggest not peeking.
it will only make your envy go into overdrive.

2 notes:

  1. I agree about the pantry! Isn't that just fantastic! i am trying to figure out how to recreate that in my home! Do you think my husband would let me renovate?

  2. well i didn't get anywhere on my plan to put lockers in the kitchen, but i think if you convince him that a lovely, open pantry will result in more baked goods, you have a pretty good argument!