( cheered considerably )

May 3, 2010

mopey saturday morning.
rainy, grey and a bit undecided as to which way it was going to go.
then a little package came tumbling through the mail slot.
wanna know what was in it?
i did...

it was a perfect package. everything from the wrapping, to the notebook, to the little bird pin that held it all together. it was all so carefully chosen. and then i opened the fabric. bold graphics defined the sweetest "around the world" print with characters from all different places. just beautiful.
best of all? it was a total surprise! { squeal }

all from caitlin of metrode. obviously, she's super-generous. and her packaging is an utter delight. simple, sophisticated and spot on. i highly suggest you visit her etsy shop and her blog
{ where she also has generous giveaways! wink, nudge. }

here's a little closeup of the pretty paper bits and that sweet little bird pin.
you're running over to metrode right now aren't you? i'll meet you there!

{ and caitlin, thank you again... it really did make my weekend.
in fact, it's making me smile right now! }

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