( harummph )

May 27, 2010

i had been looking for a big canvas laundry cart.
and trying to convince the post office to sell me one of their carts.
it's just the thing to throw big piles of laundry in 
{ or maybe, small dogs } 

and then i saw these.
yes, they're perfect.
but they're from restoration hardware.
which kind of ruined the fun for me.

what's the fun of the hunt, the thrill of the find,
if i can just go into the mall and hand over my credit card?
then i find myself hemming and hawing
about whether it's now a trend & i will find myself feeling disdainful about it shortly.

i think i still want one. an old one. with wear and tear.
not quite sure there's room for it... but anything that can make doing laundry
feel just a little more fun, is worth it to me.

fashion and interior design are coming to an interesting point
where anything is acceptable. and everything is available.
it manages to make things both hard and easy at the same time.

am i putting too much thought into laundry carts?

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5 notes:

  1. i'm so with you on the post office bins. they have the greatest industrial stuff behind that counter! i like these, but look repro to me. i think you should hold out...i KNOW you'll find one with all the fantastic industrial stuff you get up there

    sidenote about trends: i have 2 commercial laundry bins i got 10 years ago. i use them in the studio to hold bubble/peanuts/etc. not an ounce of regret.

  2. restoration hardware is devoid of any soul. even when they are right, they are wrong. due to how they arrived at said right point

    you'll find your laundry basket.. if it enhances your (laundry) life, it must be worth it.. not too much thought on it at all :)

  3. I have a couple of reactions.

    1) Do what makes you happy. If waiting for the real thing will make you happier, go ahead and wait. If you'd rather take care of it now despite the RH-ness, that's okay, too.

    2) Am I missing the story on RH? Is it anything deeper than general mass production and corporate soul-less-ness?

    3) I'm trying to think of other possible sources... Does your local government have a surplus sale? Surely these are used in school gyms, jails, etc. Do you have a minor league team of some sort in the area? A laundromat or drycleaner looking to upgrade their bins?

  4. More industrial:



  5. annie, thanks for the links! i don't think i'd be able to resist hiding in them...

    tracy, lots of good ideas for tracking one down. i'll check with our drycleaner for sure! and the RH thing is kind of hard to explain. but it seems awkward to make a new thing to look like an old thing so your new house can look like an old house. i do find myself drooling all over the store, but i think i wouldn't feel right if i brought a bunch of faux vintage into the house. (it's not sweetly ironic like faux bois!)

    caitlin and kim, you're spot on. i'll hold out for the real thing. ( or at the very least go through an actual industrial company. )