( monday snapshots )

May 17, 2010

i took pictures of a few things for the shop this afternoon.
decided to take a few pictures of things that aren't for sale.
little bug on a rug, instance...
can't put a price on that.

{ hope you're all having a lovely monday! }

5 notes:

  1. Where did you find that fantastic lamp?!

    And the but on a rug is priceless :) and super adorable!

  2. ahaha! he is a little butt!

    the lamp is from west elm...i love the look, but it doesn't provide a ton of light. mood lighting, i suppose.

  3. i love how the rug is shaped like bug, only flat

  4. haha totally did not realize my spelling mistake! my own little but has decided that all 75lbs of her fits on the recliner. little twerp!

    have you tried a different wattage bulb? mood lighting isn't so bad either...

  5. wait, is your little brindle named bug? my little kitty is named bug too!