( reuse )

May 4, 2010

not too long ago i came across a rather large pile of vintage army bags.
you know, the sturdy heavy canvas. the kind that never, ever wears out.
but of course, i wasn't sure what i was going to use them for.
laundry? yes, we have a lot of that. but it already has an organization system...

i mentioned the bags were sturdy yes?
they could very nearly stand up on their own.

i gave them a quick fold over and tada! lovely canvas buckets.
perfect for blankets by the couch. big piles of yarn.
fabric waiting for the perfect project.
or umm, scarves. i seem to have a lot of scarves.
{ this soft grey one is from urban revisions }

my favorite kind of reuse is always involves some kind of organization.
dear patrick was shaking his head at my reordering of the linen closet...
he croaked out, "you just bought all those new containers?"
puzzled, i said, "what do you mean bought? these were all in my organization stash."
i don't think he knew about the organization stash.

you have one, don't you?

{ ps. this totally counts as a cheap thrill because i paid a whopping 65¢ for each of the bags. }

2 notes:

  1. Oh, these are awesome!!
    Double wonderful when organizing can be creative and beautiful.

  2. its always nice to know there are others out there who consider organizing (esp. with vintage!) a sport