( a story about hammocks. )

May 19, 2010

my great outdoorsman is obsessed with these backpacking hammocks.
yes, we own two or possibly three. it was somehow decided that i needed one. { i didn't. }
he was so excited for me to try it out he strung it up in the basement.
i dutifully climbed in and thunk! fell right on the floor. { the cement floor. ouch. }

 i didn't feel even the tiniest bit guilty for laughing my tush off when one week later,
he climbed into his hammock and thunk! ... you guessed it. he fell on the cement floor.

my hammock-enthusiasm was rather dampened.
that is, until i saw this... 

i desperately want to spend my summer in one of these.
maybe anchored to the walls with something like this:

heaven, yes?

{ hammock from le beanock, metal knot shot by sandra juto }

2 notes:

  1. oh my gosh!
    i need one of these.

  2. heavenly ! what a beautiful found
    i wish i had an empty extra room just for it