( studio envy )

May 11, 2010

some things you should know about my "studio":
a. it's in the attic
b. i can't stand up straight in it
c. it's dark. really, really dark
d. it's cold in the winter. (survivable with blankets)
and death valley hot in the summer
(not helped in the least by sitting directly under halogen lighting)
e. it's not technically livable space.

small wonder i'm craving a real studio.
nothing fancy. just light, moderate temps and head room.
unfortunately, we live in a dollhouse and there's no space left to claim. 

here's where i go in my dreams:

3 notes:

  1. its a significant thing to have that space to yourself.. with light & tables.. but you've got that magnificent chair!

  2. ooh, thanks for reminding me! now i'm excited about it all over again!

  3. oh wow that second image is incredible! someday... thanks for the inspiration!