( how does your garden grow )

June 1, 2010

is this how it begins?
a little too much space between sedums?
a little drooling over the fence at the neighbor's peonies?
and all of a sudden i'm at lowe's bright and early,
buying pots of perennials, bags of mulch
and wondering what else could withstand my black thumb?
there's a tree i can't stand, a droopy evergreen that makes my teeth grind.
when it comes out, peonies & forsythia can go in.
there's a japanese maple too close to the house.
when it moves, what will go there?

i think i've taken a few steps too many down the path of the garden obsessed.

speaking of obsessed...
this little grouping by victoria of sfgirlbybay is making me batty with desire.

little clusters of herbs. mmhh. 
must. put. hands. in. dirt.

also, for those who love to get their hands dirty
what's up buttercup might be right up your pretty little alley.
a beautiful flickr group started by kim of trampoline 
who knows how to make every day a little more beautiful.

2 notes:

  1. Yes yes! The suggestion given to Victoria about the Hyllis shelves is what sent me shopping for those steel shelves that very day!

    Unfortunately, I buy plants and then can't find the time to put them into the ground. But someday my yard will be Buttercup-What's-Up worthy. ;)

  2. ha! i always wait for the hottest weekend of the year to plant and mulch. every year i promise myself i'll get it done while it's still cool out. and every year i find myself sweating to death and hanging out in the dog's pool.