( paper promise )

June 14, 2010

i did promise you a paper post, did i not?
a quick peek at our reception invites.

clean, white cardstock (as heavy as the printer would go.)
a quick clip-snip for nicely rounded corners.
and lots of fun with washi tape.
{ every single invite was different! }

heavy kraft envelopes.
addresses typed on an old roll of adding machine paper.
gluestick, more washi tape
and good to go!

{ for the record, that's a fake address. but if there is a cozy street, i'd like to live on it. }

oh yes, and super easy thank you cards to match!
i had ever so much fun playing with my washi tape.

okay. that was the last of the wedding rambling.
but probably not the last of the paper posts!

2 notes:

  1. FYI- washi tape on clearance at anthropologie right now. OF ALL PLACES? multi packs(5 rolls?)for $9. i cleared out the maple store but somerset may still have some if you're running low...