( stitchery )

June 2, 2010

bear with me, pretty please
while i toot my little horn.

a few little stitchy bits are ready for the shop.
i'm not quite sure when i found the time to sew
but a small pile of animals was waiting on the dining room table.
i either have elves or i'm sewing in my sleep.

we're wolf. quentin & ramona

fancy no. 3 : i fancy a trip to the state fair.
complete with corndog and pennant!

a very small garden goat.
with soft, nubby horns.

beep beep.
{ that's quite enough horn tooting for now. }

5 notes:

  1. they are too gorgeous. seriously!

  2. I love the corndog! & the garden goat.. so pretty

  3. i love what you have listed!

    take a look at my shop: http://olliesolio.etsy.com

    i have the brass expandable rule and the paper tray for CHEAP!

  4. i love your blog...
    it always makes me smile...
    thank you for that, regina.


    p.s. i think i may eventually need a fancy...

  5. aww, munki you're too sweet. you all are. and well, frankly it makes me feel all warm and squishy. mush face.