( a thought )

June 23, 2010

someone once said to me
that if i didn't have a big life
they would be angry with me.

it was meant in a darling, inspirational way.
and inspire, it did.
because i thought...
you know what i want?
i want a small life.
a barefoot life.

i really, really do.
that's more than big enough for me.

i want this:

and this:
 { pinned from art dept. }

mornings like this:

and coffee like this:

sometimes, when you take the time to think about
what you really, truly want & need.
the answer is surprising, comforting, strange and familiar
all at the same time.

5 notes:

  1. This is something I do struggle with. I have said that to myself, in different words, or without words. I have always expected myself to do great things, have an important career... and as time goes on it becomes less likely, and I come to enjoy the small rewards in life more. But it is hard to squelch the expectations and desires that build up over decades.

  2. i think the personal definition of success and the societal definition of success are often very different. and very, very hard to separate.

    it's taking a long time to be comfortable with my personal definition. and i suppose it could change at any time.

    squishing a puppy face always makes me feel wild with success!

  3. This is something I alsoo want

  4. i'd even go a step further to say the societal definition of success often impedes your personal quest for it. at least for me. i am softening and settling into a small life as well. it's nice.

  5. i don't feel so alone in my thoughts anymore, thank you.