( cool down )

July 28, 2010

after an interesting morning
filled with twitter speculations
of a crafty co-op in finland
tucked in a big igloo
surrounded by smaller private-y igloos
with needlefelted floors and walls
with cozy warm food
{ and maybe a cake }
reindeer with scarves
and lots of cuddly places for
all our favorite fur beasties
well, my bloggy loves
it's just too darned hot, isn't it?
so i've rounded up some lovely ways to cool off.
hope it helps!

riding your bike to feel the breeze in your hair { here }

drinking strawberry lemonade { here }

sleeping in your alltogethers. { here }

hogging a front row seat by the fan. { here }

letting the rain soak you right through. { here }

keep cool lovelies. fall is just 'round the corner.
then we can put on our sweaters, don our scarves
and shuffle off through the leaves to the cider mill!


2 notes:

  1. i am so pleased to know you are a cool weather fan as well! i have decided i do best living above the 45th parallel.. packing up the boxes now because it's where i belong.

    btw....i'll send the recipe to you soon. just stuck under a lot of cardboard and recycled newspaper right now!