( hot )

July 7, 2010

looking for someplace sweet & breezy
to wait out this infernal heat wave.

i'll invite you over for some raspberry ice.
{ then, some cakes and tea... }

woodsy summer.
i like that it seems to work with the weather.
unlike catalog approaches to summer, 
which try to pretend there is no such thing as weather.

{ yes, i do realize that's a bit hypocritical, seeing as i would love
for there to be no such thing as weather right now.
high muggy 90's are only tolerable from the inside of a body of water. }

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2 notes:

  1. bleh...it's hot. It's sooooo hot. We just walked over two and a half miles. It's h-o-o-o-o-o-t outside.....
    Your photos look so refreshing.

  2. I was not made for this kind of heat. I am completely with you on shady, woodsy outdoorsing.