( kitchen adventures )

July 26, 2010

 it appears that i've dirtied two aprons
in just one week!
first there was cookie baking.
{ chocolate chip, i'm not ashamed to say i'm
an all-star when it comes to baking those. }

and then came tackling my
first ever
baked from scratch
death by chocolate

recipe in hand.
ingredients at the ready.
the butter & sugar creamed, the cocoa flying
and the mixer...

sometimes, a second-hand life
doesn't go quite as smoothly as one would hope.

i coaxed the finicky appliance back to life.
only to be accosted by my unfortunate lack of baking expertise.
"pour your batter into two greased and floured baking pans"
to my surprise, i did manage to scare up two pans
and i'm clear on the greasing part.
but the flouring was a mystery to me.
seemed simple enough
but overconfidence with flour is a big no-no.
oh well, 
white kitchens never go out of style.

i have cake.
just the frosting to go.
everyone cross your fingers that this turns out edible.
{ please }

it's my beloved's birthday.
which is the only reason i stayed up well past midnight
wrapped in an apron
and scrubbing flour off the floor, walls, cabinets...

love and chocolate cake.
what an adventure.

{ any one can bake, copyright 1929 by royal baking powder co. found here }

4 notes:

  1. your baking sounds delicious & sweet :)

  2. Happy birthday to Patrick from all of us!
    I'm numb and a little loopy so I'm afraid I can't call and sing it to him.
    Well, even at my best, he might not want to be sung to by me, anyway.

    Hope he has a wonderful birthday! The cake sounds delicious.

    If you need to borrow a mixer anytime, just ask.

    Love you!

  3. i have an extra mixer! was going to sell it at our garage sale but you can have it. perfect condition. plenty of life left in it. i'll send it to work with J tomorrow if you want it.

  4. it was a delicious success! chocolate comas were had by all.