( note to self )

July 19, 2010

dear self, 
please consider going to bed at a reasonable time.
despite deep-seated childhood beliefs
that something wild, wonderful & lifechanging
happens after 10pm,
it's not true.
there is only bad tv.
and dark circles under the eyes.
go to bed.

{ anyone else humming 'cause i'm a nightowl honey...? }

image tumbled here

3 notes:

  1. 2am is my default. and with a kid, it proves miserable. *yawn*

  2. i love working late at night, but it always starts a very bad cycle!

  3. Altho it's a mere 12:22am, I must respond with "yes! I am! Every frigging night!"

    Love your blog, love your shop, we must be long lost twins from the looks of it...I'm creating my own blog, will post soon & send link.

    Sweet dreams from a former S. Michiganite (I ain't no 'gander...)