( reuse )

July 14, 2010

even the bees & the trees are getting onto the repurpose bandwagon! 
{ found here }

and of course, there's nothing but good reasons to do so.
but what always gets me wickedly excited 
is when a tricksy rethink of an old item
results in something better than new.

a few of my
everyday favorites:

using sewing patterns for tissue paper
(bonus: they're usually quite strong)
brown paper grocery bags make sturdy, yet flexible patterns for my little animals
the insides of security envelopes make wonderful paper for hang tags
plastic grocery bags - stuffed with a bit of newspaper & tied with a bit of air trapped inside - make great  puffy packing material that doesn't get your hands dirty when you're unpacking your newfound treasure
dryer sheets (that have already been through the dryer once)
are the best for pulling dog hair from our microfiber couch

do you have any everyday tricks? 
do share!
{ pretty please }

3 notes:

  1. This is more of a joke I had with a distant coworker...but, every time I send a fedex envelope to him, and get ready to seal it, I'd rip the adhesive backing off and throw that too into the envelope then seal it.

    Always got a laugh out of him.

  2. i have used all my dead, dried lavender prunings from summer in the fireplace in the fall...the smell is incredible

  3. plastic sleeves that a card may come in.. use them to 'laminate' permanent lists (think important numbers on the fridge)

    it always looks really good!