( simple happy )

July 12, 2010

hello friends. 
i do hope you've had a lovely weekend.
and are recovering from your monday mornings quite nicely.

as weekends go
it was too short. too hot. too many chores
& too much laundry. too much thunder. and too much driving.
it was perfectly splendid.
just as a weekend should be.

so go merrily upon your week.
perhaps with a spring in your step 
and a laugh at the tip of your tongue.


{ both images from etsy.
unfortunately, i can only track down credit for the second one: mati rose
 update! many thanks to my favorite monkey (from this wonderful shop) for tracking down the link to the first image! blanca gomez. }

3 notes:

  1. I want the second image to be made into a t-shirt, only backwards, so that every time I look in the mirror, my t-shirt will tell me I am fine the way I am.

  2. I had a great weekend too! Why don't the make weekends 3 or 4 days long! Oh the first illustration is Blanca Gomez (http://www.etsy.com/shop/blancucha)

  3. allison! thanks so much for the link! hope you're well. i know you're keeping as busy as possible! beep.