( breathe )

August 4, 2010

let's look at something sweet and comforting.
with a simple palette
something the feels like a slow deep breath of fresh air.

there, is it working for you?
i think it helped me.

everything is going haywire.
not necessarily in a bad way,
but definitely all at once.
that's the way it goes, isn't it?

and it all seems compounded
by this confounded heat and humidity.

back to the slow, deep breathing.
all together now.

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2 notes:

  1. i'll trust you on this one.

    purchased neccessary vehicle, check.
    found a home to rent, check.
    convince myself a move is the right thing to do....

    need some time on this one.


  2. it's the big choices that are hard to wrap your head around. and time is probably the best way to settle into them.