( pins & keys )

August 30, 2010

i'm not entirely sure
how it's possible that i did not
have a pincushion.
i've made due with a bit of discarded cork
but this weekend i found
the perfect place to nest my needles.
lucky strike extra?
it opens to reveal a little hidey hole
for thimbles, threaders or buttons!

i'm pleased as punch.

and, and, and
i brought home a rather odd
family heirloom.

a collection of keys.

it's been in the family for years.
the board is made from wood salvaged
from my grandparent's bicentennial farm.
and the keys have been collected from all over.

{there are more keys that hang from the bottom
that i'm still trying to track down from the depths of our
collective family basements. }

oddness. i love it.

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