( under the weather )

August 18, 2010

where have i been?
i've been here.
in bed.
on the couch.
under the weather.

unfortunately, this is not my bed.
but it would have made a pleasant way
to spend the last five days.

i've missed you.
slowly climbing back on the ball.
but i think i need a nap just now.
'scuse me.

{ pulling up the covers, here }

4 notes:

  1. I wondered where you were! Every day I checked, it was still Friday at everyeskimo.
    Feel better! : (

  2. hope you feel better soon! your posts are always missed, when missing

  3. sending my love....feel better soon mrs. everyeskimo.


    ps. i have already collected a couple of photos for you. i will send once i am through this moving endeavor.

  4. aw jeez, thanks everyone.
    i am feeling more like kicking my heels up than just plain kicking it.

    y'all are the best.