( hermit )

September 13, 2010

this is how i always feel.
i don't really want to go out all night.
mostly, i like to be home.

since the day i graduated high school
and the curfew was lifted
it was discovered that i tend to return home
sooner rather than later.
and i was proclaimed a hermit.

it has proven true.
and i'm totally okay with that.

this beautiful print
may find its way home to me.
from ashley g.

what about you?
are you a home body
or an out-all-night wild child?

6 notes:

  1. LOVE the print...
    Um, well...I love being at home, but spent many years out until early hours of the morning partying in Spain...(years ago)...now, I love getting cozy with the kids and hanging out at home.
    Have a wonderful day...at home!

  2. Ashley g is a great seller. Really quick to ship and very friendly.

  3. staying home, yes! and I love drinking tea alone & going to bed (that might be an X-treme homebody)

  4. we're all hermitous monsters, but i think miss metrode takes the cake. quiet alone nights are the best. and so few and far between.

  5. My college friends almost had an intervention because I chose to live in a single dorm room - for two years. They thought I got better senior year, because I moved in with one of them in an apartment. But I did it so I could get a dog, and I would then stay home with the dog all the time. That was cause for even more concern. It got to where they were so mad at me I dropped them. So yeah, hermit.

  6. i'm two shakes away from being a shut-in, i declare. one of my favorite things to hear is "let's just stay home".