( flight )

October 26, 2010

driven to distraction.
these gorgeous paper sculptures
are making my neurons misfire.

paper. check. love that.
{ you know that i do }

birds. check. love them. 
{ i have a little winter goal of creating them out of fabric.
layered wings and cocked heads. }

horses. actually i don't love them.
but i love that this one is distinctly dark. 
{ this is, perhaps, what the four horsemen of the apocalypse
would choose for their steed, no? }

the beautiful & haunting work of anna-wili highfield.

brought to my attention by my dear amradio
who knows me so well
and has brought my day to a complete and utter halt.
{ albeit a most enjoyable halt }

3 notes:

  1. Woah. Paper? Really? They're so beautiful. Thanks for sending me down yet another rabbit hole. :)

  2. that horse head. the capture is frighting yet wonderful all at the same time. i know exactly where i would put it in my dream home. i also love that the paper she chose in this case speaks so closely to a traditional marble bust.