( october )

October 1, 2010

it is october!

we will have fires in the fireplace!

and captain's in our apple cider!

there will be piles of blankets!

and piles of dogs, too!

oh, i do like october!

what are your october plans?
will you be booted & scarved?
kicking up leaves?
swirling plaid skirts?

3 notes:

  1. & also..

    wearing forest green, wool & knitted shawls! yay fall.. and hot chocolate!

  2. caitlin, i haven't stopped thinking about those blankets ever since you posted about them! has yours worn well? fuzzballs or anything?

  3. oh, i'm getting excited about fall now!

    i will be walking around with my big prego belly and tiny knitted cardigans from last year! i'll probably look silly, but i plan to make up for it with cool leggings - that should distract people and keep them from looking at my too small tops, hehe!