( oeufling rug )

October 7, 2010

oh my oeufling.

i'm in love with this crazy oeufling rug.
 okay fine, it's called a pinocchio rug.
but tell me that does not look like a
herd of oeuflings all huddled together?!

how long will this take me to make?

pictures from solid frog
who i'm quickly developing an unhealthy obsession with.

rug available from hay

5 notes:

  1. don't step on the mome raths

  2. emily that was too perfect. definitely made me smile, thank you. (alice in wonderland is my favorite book!)

  3. Goodness, I just picture your dogs tearing that to bits....
    : (

    I thought it was regular pom poms, but then I saw on their site they are each handfelted. So--fancy pom poms...

  4. it would be amazing if you made one... imagine all those cute little faces!

  5. i just saw a rug like this when i was in a design shop in amsterdam. i fell head over heals for it! its amazing and fun and makes me happy. you should make one!