( reasons to be optimistic )

October 31, 2010

{ when nothing is going right... go left }

this hasn't been the best month i've ever had

there's been bad news
and an awful work situation
and sad news for our little stinker, otis

it happens
it definitely happens
you know?

i'm crossing my fingers
that november is better,
that a flip of the calendar page
will bring a flip of the lucky penny

i've got my glass half full
cross your fingers everyone
and away we go!

{  a few of you might wish to know just what happened with otis....
seems he has a congenital malformation in his back that causes extra pressure on certain discs in his spine. one of them ruptured, pinching his spinal cord and causing him to lose control over his back legs. we spent saturday at the neurologist, otis had an mri,  and we were possibly facing spinal surgery. luckily, the rupture was small enough that he's being treated with steroids and will hopefully regain mobility on his own. so far, it's looking good. he's not in any pain, but he staggers around like a drunk since the signals aren't getting to his back legs. it'd be very funny, if it didn't make me want to cry. i don't know how all you mothers handle it.  *and if any of you are new, otis is one of our french bulldogs. }

bronze titmouse found at the otherist

6 notes:

  1. wishing you better days ahead my friend...(and you too otis) xo

  2. Oh Otis! I wish him a speedy recovery. And hang in there R!

  3. ah I felt just the same way.. my little buddy fell off a balcony & required a hind leg amputation a couple of years ago.. she is doing great, but yes in the meantime it is horrible.. and I felt just the same way, wondering how mothers could do it.. I hope little otis continues to improve & goes on making you glad!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Otis! Sending you both lots of good energy.

  5. thank you all for your sweet words. they mean so much.

  6. From one mother of a staggering dog to another, a giant inter-state hug. We're going left, too.