( heart of the home )

November 4, 2010

for me,
the kitchen has always been
the heart of the home.
no matter what kind of gathering...
everyone always ends up in the kitchen.

and after packing several generations
into a small galley kitchen,
you start to rethink things.

i've been collecting kitchens
trying to figure out just what floats my boat
for a time in the future
when i just might get to design my own.

a few favorites seem to permeate my collections:

+ white
+ "furniture" instead of built ins
+ an essence of vintage*
+ no upper cabinets

but there are so many different kitchens i like
you have this problem too don't you?
do you have a list of favorites you look for in a kitchen?
or a link to a pinboard?
or a must-have design feature?
do share, please!

{ *in fact, i do have an antique wood flat file stashed away. which is either destined for the studio and a large paper collection. or the kitchen and a large dishware collection }

full kitchen collection pinned here, with links to sources

5 notes:

  1. oh my goodness, that last one took my breath away!

  2. isn't it fabulous. and i love how perfectly the vintage counter and modern accoutrement all fit together. makes me think the flat file is destined for the kitchen...

    ( of course, if i ever find a cabinet like this, all hell might break loose. it wouldn't even fit into our current dollhouse! )

  3. i don't think i will ever truly love my house because my kitchen is so horrible. it's uncomfortable to it's core, nothing a decorating 'spruce up' can cure. i need a great big room, with lots of light, a big old table, a couch and a fireplace. other rooms be damned

    i can literally feel myself standing here http://pinterest.com/pin/213814/

  4. first one is just beyond amazing! all that white...!

  5. agreed. the kitchen is my place of solace in so many ways. everything i collect is kitchen oriented and i dream of one day having long open shelves to display all my treasures. I love the combo of formal, farmhouse and industrial in the second photo!