( looking forward )

November 30, 2010

ah, it's that time of year
when some of you are thinking of decorating
or shopping or gifting or such.

but me?
i'm getting all kinds of excited about...
next year's planner.

{ spoiler: i'm a huge dork }

this one by bubbo is my favorite.
clean, simple and customizable.

and my 2011 wall calendar choice?
bubbo again!
the elegant simplicity really appeals to me.
{ this calendar by the paper thieves was my runner up }

am i the only one
getting excited by the organizational opportunities
of the new year?

tell me i'm not. { please }

3 notes:

  1. organizing is a timeless passion & sport; you are not alone.. I'm thinking that some little wooly felted bowls are my next angle!

  2. i get excited about my new planner and filling in all the special dates like birthdays. and of course deciding which one to get is always the challenge.

  3. love my iphone calendar alerts BUT nothing beats jotting and plotting by hand in a real deal organizer.

    so many great calendars floating around right now! i ordered a bunch of these prismatic calendars for gifts this year. they're beautiful... might have to keep one for the new office. http://www.etsy.com/listing/63078420/2011-astrology-wall-calendar-prints