( mug me )

November 2, 2010

i am eternally guilty of making a latte
to go with my chores
then forgetting all about it
until it's a cold cup of crap.
 guilty, guilty.
{ and lattes do not reheat well. not at all. }

this cleverkins mug might just save my cooling cuppa.
coaster, yes!
doubles as a lid?
double yes!

from west elm, of all places.
oh please
mug me.

4 notes:

  1. (done)

    But it takes 5-7 days to get to you. So you will have to deal with a cold cup of crap until then.

    love you.

  2. for real? for real, for real? you shouldn't have... but i'm really so excited that you did! hooray! hot coffee day!

    aww jeez, thank you so much. xoxox.

  3. For real. But I stupidly only got you one, so Patrick's lattes will still be cold.
    It's fun to have stuff to look forward to in the mail.
    Plus, I like you and I want you to have a hot latte.

  4. bah! patrick sucks his down like a latte-vacuum-cleaner. and gives me a frowny face when i sheepishly dump my cold one. lots of problems solved. and good mail, too! squeak.