( the other dog )

November 14, 2010

yes, we do have three dogs.
and the third isn't a french bulldog.
but she is rather camera shy.
i was just lucky enough to catch a few snaps
of the elusive guinness this weekend.

please tell her she's pretty and brave and very scary.
her confidence needs a bit of bolstering.

4 notes:

  1. dear guinness,
    you are very pretty, extremely brave and oh so terribly scary.
    you should be photographed more often so we can partake in all that is you.

  2. Oh, Guiness! What a sweetheart in these photos. She looks like such a dear. I mean, she's scary. She's horribly scary and frightening.

  3. those eyes... melt me! what a gorgeous, yet very very scary girl!