( cozy )

December 15, 2010

the beautiful thing about winter
is that everything gets so cozy
and woolen and nookish

and rooting out a nest in a pile of quilts
is just seen as common sense

some favorite winter activities...

{ finding the perfect combination of bare skin and wool }

{ knitting unnecessary things }

{ wearing boots and pjs outside and not caring what the neighbors think }

{ hoarding and stacking and plotting for my fabric collection }

share your favorite winter activities
squinting at christmas lights 'till they make stars is perfectly valid.
and yes, i do that one too.

 { sources? i've done that clever linking picture thing again. click and explore! }

4 notes:

  1. lol I agree with every single activity :) Winter the most lovely season.

  2. oh lovely! so cosy! i wish i knew how to knit those socks.

  3. I really relate to the bottom three. Being allergic to wool and uncomfortable nude are two things I'm working on, so maybe someday the first as well. I would add soup and hot chocolate. Wonderful sentiment and collection of pictures.