( ungrinch )

December 8, 2010

i was a grinch last year.
only barely pulling together enough holiday spirit
to torture my living room with this.

but this year,
well, i'm still not feeling holly, jolly, or other things ending in olly
{ a little something for the readers of sir terry pratchett }
but i did drag out the traditional christmas chaos.
and you know what...
it cheered me right up.

{ living and dining the holidays }

{ the tree skirt my mother made. heart. }

 { delicate little ornaments. a favorite from childhood. }

{ antique glass bulbs from both sides of the family.... piled in glass vases all down the mantle. }

that's our vintage christmas!
okay, there are a few more treasures tucked here and there
what's a holiday without a bit of clutter?
 bonus, the house feels so clean & spare
when the time comes to return it all to it's three season hibernation.

did you decorate for the holidays? tell me!

3 notes:

  1. aww - it looks beautiful. and you took the photos at night, the best time in my opinion for festive viewing. i even squinted my eyes a little for full effect!

  2. i kind of want to snuggle up at your house. i'll be at the DIA tomorrow so i'll just swing by with my blankie, okay? ;)