( arctic )

January 17, 2011

i went to the fabric store.
i looked at all the fabric. 
all the patterns. all the colors. all the everything.
and i found myself freezing up.
distinctly uninspired.

odd, right?
what i really love
is digging through a pile of old scraps.
the patterns, the textures, the worn bits
it's those things that make my mind race.

working with a seam or a moth hole
that's inspirational.
that's where this little arctic fox came from.

i am quite proud of this scrappy little chap
and i think he shall stick around with me for just a bit
before finding a home in the shop.

11 notes:

  1. you're work gets exponentially more beautiful every time i see it. i love watching you grow your craft regina

  2. and because i am a grammar stickler...i must correct my you're to your

  3. I love your work so much. Wow. This one is incredible.

  4. I am speechless. He is just adorable. The details are mind blowing!

  5. He is awesome...I'm especially attracted to his little tail :)

  6. you're all too darned awesome. i'm doing high kicks for y'all over here... it's a pleasure to share things with you. smooches and arctic fox nose pokes. ( i'm fairly certain they don't hold with kisses. just pokes. )

  7. love that!!!! Great job Regina :)

  8. wow, your words really spoke to me - that is just how i feel more and more! the fox is such a sweet little creature, love all the details.