( folk & fiend )

January 21, 2011

something about winter
something about the snow
the endless string of tea, coffee and hot chocolate
something about the nesting and burrowing
something about the cold

it's making me veer toward tiny bits of tradition
handpainted folk dolls
bold in color and pattern
wood that's been carved by hand
with a texture of human touch
and the riotous color that was such a decadence
on the hardwearing grey serge.

and as i go charging through the house
gathering gnomes and small dolls from their hiding places
bumping along behind me is otis

eager to not miss a thing
he connects smoosh face to the back of my calf
we bump along from room to room
until i turn the camera on him

 he is intense in his avoidance of the clickclack of the camera

but sooner or later he's parked at my feet
waiting for me to toss the camera aside
and make time for my favorite little fiend.

7 notes:

  1. i LOVE all of these little wooden treasures you have discovered and decided to share.
    and otis, my goodness i want to kiss your smooshy little face ♥

    xox. k

  2. I second that--both about the treasures and sweet little Otis! :) I also love your words. Your prose is lovely and quite poetic. I often find myself reading your sentences twice just because I like the way they sound.

  3. I am home alone, so I slept with my sweet fox <3

  4. love these photos/colors.. your shop looks wonderful!

  5. You should write a book with photographs of Otis. I would buy it in instance! Could you post more photos of him pretty please!

  6. psshaw... y'all are kind as can be.

    eva, i try so hard not to drown you in pictures of my puppy crush. but i suppose a few more wouldn't hurt!

    jessica, thank you so much. really.

  7. I had a kitty named Otis... he had a very similar vibe to him as your precious Otis!