( might i ask? )

January 28, 2011


hello friends, 
might i ask you a question or two?

when purchasing from an etsy shop
do you like to receive a convo from the seller?

and if you do,
do you like to this convo to confirm your order
or to let you know it's shipped
or two convos... one for each?

you see...
i have previously maintained a non-convo policy.
you get one email from etsy
you get one email from paypal
and i simply don't want to open (or force you to open) a third one

perhaps other people feel differently
and i'd really like to know your opinion

if you have a moment,
please let me know what kind of communication you would prefer.

thank you kindly!

15 notes:

  1. I like convos from sellers! As a seller, I can tell you that ALL of my costumers have mentioned how me sending them a confirmation convo contributed to great seller-buyer communication. I let them you I saw their purchase and when I'm planning to ship. I think it's important - I bought something a few weeks ago and the seller didn't contact me and it really annoyed me. It just leaves an uncertainty haging there you know?

  2. i do the same thing as zohar. i send a convo thanking and confirming their order and when it will be shipped. i've ordered things too from etsy and had no idea when it would be shipped.

  3. I agree- it is much more personal and makes for a better buying experience.
    One of the big attractors with etsy is that your buying from a small business owner and having that kind of service in an other wise "non service" based world is refreshing.
    And you could always just send one convo after payment received and your ready to send off the purchase.
    PS I love your shop!

  4. Looking back at my Etsy purchases, my least favorite transactions have been ones with too little communication. Waiting for packages is already sucky enough (in the words of Veruca Salt "I want it now"), but not knowing how long to wait since you don't know if the order was received or when the order will be shipped, especially from sellers that I haven't bought from before, just puts an air of apprehension around the purchase. Getting a quick little message is always a nice touch!

  5. I agree with everyone above. When I sold on Etsy I always sent a convo acknowledging that I received their payment and that their item will be on it's way the next day.
    When you buy on Etsy it's very different that buying from a store - you send your money to another person and just home to get something in return. I thought it was important to let my customers know their item is coming.
    But I can see how you just don't want to pollute their e-mail. But, honestly, I don't think anyone would mind :-)

  6. always a convo saying 'thanks' and that your order either has , or will be shipping shortly. i figure it is the only contact we have with the people who visit our shops. they can choose to read or delete straight away, but it makes me as a seller feel good.

    on the same note...it would be great for etsy to include a 'batch convo' tool so i can email more efficiently.

  7. I like it when an etsy seller sends me a convo to tell me that my order shipped. It doesn't bother me to get one when they receive my order as well, but I don't think that's necessary really since I trust the etsy confirmation email.

  8. like ethanollie i like to send a quick thank you email and also let them know when i will ship their order. just seems like a nice personal touch.

  9. My favourite sellers always send emails both confirming and when they've shipped the order. It's really lovely, especially because I get to start the countdown properly. :)

  10. I personally don't send a convo confirming their order. Some people will ask about shipping times in the notes to seller and I will respond to that. I do send a convo that I have shipped the item (and say thank you for the order) and let them know an email will be coming from Paypal with the tracking info.

  11. i always send my dear buyers one single convo on the day that their item has been shipped to let them know it's on its way. i always like to receive one as well.

  12. thank you all very much for your input, for taking the time to write and explain your reasons as well. it's been most helpful!

  13. i'm a little late joining in, but i agree with many above. as a seller, i generally send an email confirming the order and advising when it'll be shipped. and as a buyer, i like when other sellers do the same, it just helps make everything clear and not leave any uncertainty hanging about your order.

  14. As a seller, I usually send a convo to the buyer letting them know their order will be shipped at a particular time - and if need be, follow up with a tracking number.
    As a buyer, I prefer it when the shop owner does the same. Otherwise, it's a guessing game as to whether they a) received my order or b) has shipped it. Not all sellers check their Shipped box next to a Sold Item, which is something I always take a peek at when I buy an item.
    Also, it's a nice personal touch to get a note from the seller. (I know this is a late comment, but it's such a good question I had to answer!)

  15. I'm very late to comment, but just realized where I like to see it- in feedback, once it has shipped.. I think I may start doing this myself