( studio space )

January 10, 2011

studio space is something i think we all lust after.
and between all the stitchery and massive fabric collection
and the growing piles of vintage and packing material
studio space is something i'm always trying to wrap my head around.

{ and while i am very proud to say 95% of my packing & wrapping material is recycled,
corralling odd bits of bubble wrap, foam wrap, newsprint, boxes and peanuts
in an efficient and easily accessible manner, demands quite the storage system. }

in our very modest 900 sq. feet home
i've stolen space from the attic and the basement to use as a workspace.
but i'm always planning the someday studio.

sadie olive has such a desirable vintage studio space.
she's found a lovely balance between showing off her collection
and keeping it organized.

it looks like the loveliest place to get lost in, doesn't it?
and isn't that what we all want in our workspace...
a place to be complete.

see more images & read the interview at oh, hello friend
and you can find sadie olive at her shop and blog.
** crushing hard **

1 notes:

  1. makes me want to overhaul my own workspace right this very minute!