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January 3, 2011

simple & sweet
mail is perhaps the best surprise of all.
personal and genuine.
a simple pleasure

but there are other reasons to reach out and write.

this summer, my better half and i ran into a bit of car trouble
{ stuck in the middle of a six lane road with no cell phone or wallet sort of trouble }
we were eventually helped out by a few kindly citizens and a young policeman.
everyone was super helpful, it was a warm summer night,
and we ended up chatting a bit while waiting for a tow.

turns out, the policeman was slated to lose his job at the end of the summer...
unavoidable department cutbacks.
he had gone above & beyond to help us
but what could we do?

patrick wrote a letter.

addressed to the chief of police, lauding our policeman for all his help and kindness.
{ to our surprise, we received a handwritten note from the chief, as well...thanking us. }

the end of summer layoffs happened.
they had to.

but a few weeks ago,
leafing through our local newspaper
i noticed that money had been found in the budget
to rehire several of the laid-off officers.
and i was so happy
{ and proud as well }
that patrick took the time to write a letter
a simple commendation that hopefully saved a job.

 get your pen, get your paper
write a letter

{ image from miniature rhino, who also likes to write letters } 

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