( a fail and a monkey )

February 25, 2011

i wanted to play with the foundling pattern.
change it a little, adapt it to make it a bit smaller,
a bit more sprite-like

{ this is a foundling, if you're unfamiliar with them }

and well, frankly this little adaptation was a fail.
{ shh, don't tell him i said so. }

i think he's cute.
i fully intend to give him a life tucked among the books.
maybe moving him now and then so he doesn't get bored

but he's not destined for the shop.

it's a funny feeling to fail
and to quite like the fail as well.


i said something about a monkey, didn't i?

i had to share this vintage find.
a 1920's stuffed monkey in incredible condition
satin lined ears
a deco-green jumper
and painted hands, feet and face

he's kind of incredible
{ and a wee bit creepy too }

you know how i love creepy.

5 notes:

  1. Why do you say that this mini foundling was a fail? He looks like he is overflowing with win and could fit quite nicely into a shirt pocket. He would just be poking his head out over the top with his arms giving him a nice hold. Want!

  2. He's cute. :) Not a fail at all!

  3. Oh oh! But the tiny foundling is so adorable!

  4. thank you for your kind words. the tiny foundling will be quite pleased when i tell him. xo.

  5. You are right about the monkey if not the fail... he IS creepy! I don't think I could sleep with him in the house...