( let them eat cake )

February 15, 2011

small foxes in love.

will they have frosting on their noses?
nope, they will have frosting on their toes!

very excited to share these two with you.
my first set created specifically for a wedding cake topper.
so happy to think they will be there for someone's special day.

i left their little tails open at the base
to make mounting on the cake easy-peasy.

wishing i had thought of wedding cake toppers for my wedding.
but thinking back, we didn't even have cake! scandalous rebels. 

4 notes:

  1. we had mini pies at our wedding! cherry and apple with the lattice stuff on top.

    i love your little foxy toppers.

  2. eep, thanks so much! i'm most excited that the recipient is super excited... it makes it so worth it!