( natural history )

February 23, 2011

who says wolves and pygmy goats don't get along?
these two certainly do.

but perhaps that is because miss wolf has such lovely manners
or because the goat is such a wee kid.
or maybe because they're from the same cut of linen.

 little miss winter wolf added a bit of lace to her capelet.
she's quite proud of her fancy getup and trots about with a little kick in her step.

and the pygmy goat babe is so painfully shy
he would keep putting his head in the shadows.
he's a farm kid through and through.
tweedy and patchy and makin' do.

{ they'll be in the shop soon! }

3 notes:

  1. ahhh that is wonderful!!! They both came out so well :)

  2. The "painfully shy" part made me laugh out loud. Too cute!

  3. ack! i love both of these so much! wonderful work as usual, Regina.