( you are what you love no. 1 )

February 8, 2011

- 1st -
i must confess this is stolen inspiration
taken from this lovely series being done by the marion house book
a documentation of life in 52 objects.

- 2nd -
hunting and gathering vintage
seeing the beautiful things that pass through our lives
deciding what to keep and what to share
it makes pause to look at all the things that surround me

do i keep them because i'm used to them
do i keep them because i love them
and when's the last time i thought about why they are treasured
or who they remind me of

- 3rd -
i know, the best things in life aren't things
but i love things...

a little thing that delights
an old thing that tells a story
a surprising thing that brings a smile

if you are what you love
this is what i love
this is what i am

[ no. 1 ]

a small box made by my grandfather
when he began taking classes in stained glass

as a child i was fascinated by the "ruby" at the center
as an adult, i like the way the mirrored bottom
reflects my tiny treasures back at me

and i like to think how it was made with his careful hands

1 notes:

  1. this is lovely - the sentiment and the box =). i treasure one little painting that my grandmother made when she was learning to paint at the age of 80 something.