( in between )

March 24, 2011

a pile gathered today as i was shooting photos for a shop update
can you tell my favorite colors? my favorite things?

these things also wandered in
in between photos

yes, he has breakfast on his nose.
it's very hard to keep little boys clean.

then he decided taking pictures wasn't fun

do! things! that! revolve! around! me!
dogs. pfft.

4 notes:

  1. oh my god...the dogs! they are seriously hilarious & adorable.

    whatever happened to the photos of your home on flickr? you're space is just so great, it's inspiring!

  2. @kimberly that last photo of otis cracked me up... i had to share.
    i stopped paying for my pro account on flickr, wasn't really using it enough. i think most of the shots are here: http://everyeskimo.blogspot.com/2009/04/weve-entered-apartment-therapys-small.html
    i should take some new ones though... it's amazing how much has changed around here since then!

  3. Macie gets that wild look in her eye too... PLAY. WITH. ME. RIGHT. NOW!

    oh yes! definitely! I'd love to see what you've done...I'm trying to get our place fixed up...it's amazing how guys live on their own...

  4. Ummm, that isn't breakfast on his nose, that is a strategically placed snack for later.