( lucky )

March 17, 2011

lucky horseshoe teacups from lace & paper flowers

lucky grasshopper from archery goods ltd

lucky green dots from snap vintage

lucky crown jar by little kitten vintage

lucky numbers from am radio

a little lucky roundup!

but today isn't just for the luck of the irish
it's a day to appreciate your own good luck

i am lucky to be loved by the people that i love

{ it's far too easy to take that for granted }


i hope you have a lovely, lucky st. patrick's day

4 notes:

  1. beautiful selection! I especially love the cricket.

  2. Love that green polka dot blouse!!

  3. @zohar i had one like that in my shop once... i'm rather sad i let him go!

    @my hideaway isn't it a perfect blouse? vintage, yet modern. and it looks like it would drape in all the right places.

  4. numbers are lucky aren't they....it just depends on which number is lucky to which person and whether it is a single digit, double or dare i say triple?

    numbers, sequence, lucky or not...it's all too overwhelming to me.

    xo. m.