( maps & microbes )

March 7, 2011

maps & microbes
inspire leah evans
as she stitches her quilts.

and even though these are mostly maps
i can see the influence of the microbes.
{ water tendrils seems like dendrites }

and it touches me that she uses a
household-grade sewing machine
and not a commercial-grade.

it's a nice reminder
to not put off projects
until you have the perfect tool.
dive in and get started.

3 notes:

  1. maps are so beautiful.
    they remind you of the vastness, and diversity in our lands.

    one day, i hope to travel by map, finding myself lost through untrammeled mud.


    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  2. amy, such lovely eloquence in your words. i love maps too... how they are intimate and ethereal all at once.

    fingers crossed for your future travels. xo.

  3. maps have such a way of drawing me in, love these stitched versions. i keep seeing neat map-style stitching that makes me want to try it myself, but i don't know that i could live up to these other incredible pieces.