( uncontrollable )

March 30, 2011

when i saw this photo
my heart skipped a beat. or stopped beating.

chop. chop.
my hands are going through the motion right now.

so very badly do i want to know what this feels like.
i have an uncontrollable urge.
to cut my hair off. straight from the pony tail.
i'm actually in distress right now.
i think it's in a ponytail.
i think there are scissors within reach.

how much resistance would there be?
my hair isn't very thick.
what would it be like to come away with years and years of cellular activity
gathered tightly in one hand?

i must stop thinking about this.
it is out of control.

{ i'm also afraid i'll decide to shave my eyebrows or my head one morning in the shower.
not that i want to. but i'm afraid that i will. chop. chop. }

please say this image prickles you too.
please say your right hand is squeezing pretend scissors right now.
oh god.

{ image by julia sherman, found via this article by teenangster }

3 notes:

  1. I don't know if this will help or not, but it actually feels excellent to do it.
    When I had my hair in a ponytail and on somewhat of a whim went up to Bo-Rics and asked them to cut it off, and then I got to hold the ponytail while my hair was being cut....
    It feels really good.
    Maybe I shouldn't say that, though.
    I also sent the ponytail to Locks of Love. So I don't have it anymore to hold.

  2. Do it to a stranger first to see how it feels. Walk up on the street and chop chop.

  3. *snort* *crash* i think i just fell out of my chair laughing.