( grey and green )

April 28, 2011

it is a thunder god spring.

heavy thunderstorms at night
lead to dark, grey mornings
but then open to stunning, sunny afternoons.

and the winter wisps
are turning to riotous mounds of green
steaming in the damp air.

it makes me think of
of summers lived out doors.

hammocks hung from trees

sleeping porches
secret hideaways in the woods
plants seeping out of every nook & cranny
garden tools to pull out & put away

and a place to rinse off at the end of a hot day

al fresco is a lifestyle
not just a dining option

it's just around the corner, aren't you excited?

3 notes:

  1. beautiful images! i want a secret hideaway in the woods:)

  2. it's such a perfect place to steal away with a book and loll the afternoon away, isn't it? i hope it's in my future!

  3. i am so excited and these images make me more so!